Favorite Music to Funky Decor!

Remember those old vinyl records, the ones you or your mom may have in the attic?  You may come across them at a garage sale cheap, maybe even free!  Here’s a few tips on what you make by upcycling those old records!

Wall Clocks

  • A clock mechanism (purchased at most retail stores or you can use one from an old unused clock) placed in the center hole of the record, you now have a clock!
  • Some variations: painting or placing numbers and using a 45 record and an over sized mechanism. 


Decorative Bowls  – this works with either large or small records. 

  • Very easy, heat your oven to 350º
  • Use a glass mixing bowl (that is oven safe) a 5″ or 6″ one will work
  • place record on mixing bowl, put in oven
  • once the record begins to curl (happens in just minutes), take it out, and curl around the bowl in any pattern or design you choose


  • Cut the center out (paper center), smooth edges and attach felt to the back!

There are endless possibilities such as lamps, table tops, even purses to be made with Vinyl Crafts.

Have fun!


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