Plastic Toys to Funky Decor!

We’ve all seen those kids toys lying around, at garage sales, or thrift stores.  Just a little tweaking and they can go from trash to treasure in a blink!

Toy Dinosaurs: cut a hole in the top of the toy, large enough to put a small plant, something requiring little water.

dinosaur_planter2 Photo thanks to Heather Fields of Etsy

Or an interesting knob rack:  On a desired length of board, attach only the heads, arms, or legs of any chosen plastic toys with hot glue (or any preferred adhesive).


For the kids bathroom, drill some holes through the toy to make a toothbrush holder, a good example below courtesy of Becky E!


These are great budget savvy projects, and the ideas are endless!

Good Luck!

#upcycle #repurposetoys

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