Plastic Toys to Funky Decor!

We’ve all seen those kids toys lying around, at garage sales, or thrift stores.  Just a little tweaking and they can go from trash to treasure in a blink!

Toy Dinosaurs: cut a hole in the top of the toy, large enough to put a small plant, something requiring little water.

dinosaur_planter2 Photo thanks to Heather Fields of Etsy

Or an interesting knob rack:  On a desired length of board, attach only the heads, arms, or legs of any chosen plastic toys with hot glue (or any preferred adhesive).


For the kids bathroom, drill some holes through the toy to make a toothbrush holder, a good example below courtesy of Becky E!


These are great budget savvy projects, and the ideas are endless!

Good Luck!

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T-Shirts into Rugs, Who Knew?

I found myself trying to find new ways upcycle old t-shirts.  After some research, I have discovered a great tutorial for weaving scraps into one old shirt, creating a great looking rug.  This is a wonderful project for everyone to try, even the little ones in the house, keeping them busy while they have fun! This tutorial is an easy one, good luck! DIY

rag rug1 rag rug2

Have A Groovy Day!

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Bottle Cap Conversation Starters

Years ago I saw a purse online made completely out of bottle caps and wire.  Knowing how crafty I am, I decided to give it a try.  After getting all my friends to collect the caps, I started my projects.  Any of these are conversation starters!

FullSizeRender2This purse takes about 160 caps and a lot of metal wire, a tool that can punch a hole in four sides of the cap, so I will say this one is not for the faint of heart.  I’ll save that for another blog.  I decided that I had enough caps for other things.


Earrings: Punch a hole in the bottle cap then simply attach an earring finding then you can enjoy a pair of funky pair like these from Destinys Cove

Wind Chimes: Punch holes in the top and bottom of the bottle cap in a straight line.  Attach bottle caps one at a time with fishing line, with a space of approximately 1/2 inches of line between each cap.  Attach each line to a piece of metal in the shape of a circle. 

10338234_10201830545679538_3536305194835746830_n (2)

Table tops, back splashes, decorative items, almost any funky idea you can imagine.

Keep Collecting!

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Favorite Music to Funky Decor!

Remember those old vinyl records, the ones you or your mom may have in the attic?  You may come across them at a garage sale cheap, maybe even free!  Here’s a few tips on what you make by upcycling those old records!

Wall Clocks

  • A clock mechanism (purchased at most retail stores or you can use one from an old unused clock) placed in the center hole of the record, you now have a clock!
  • Some variations: painting or placing numbers and using a 45 record and an over sized mechanism. 


Decorative Bowls  – this works with either large or small records. 

  • Very easy, heat your oven to 350º
  • Use a glass mixing bowl (that is oven safe) a 5″ or 6″ one will work
  • place record on mixing bowl, put in oven
  • once the record begins to curl (happens in just minutes), take it out, and curl around the bowl in any pattern or design you choose


  • Cut the center out (paper center), smooth edges and attach felt to the back!

There are endless possibilities such as lamps, table tops, even purses to be made with Vinyl Crafts.

Have fun!


Don’t Throw that Away!

Summer is just around the corner. Picnics, outings, backyard grilling and chilling all have one thing in common, those pesky bugs!  Use those empty mason jars for Tiki-esque torches that are green, cool, and easy on the budget. All you will need for this project is torch fuel, a wick (can be found at most retail stores), and a mason jar, any size.

Wine Bottles work great too!  Just need the bottles, 1/2″ x 3/8″ copper couplings, Teflon tape, wicks, and fuel.  Wrap the Teflon tape around the coupling enough to make a snug fit into the bottle opening, feed the wick through the coupling to the bottom of the bottle (which you have already filled with fuel).  Viola’ new funky table torches!


Happy Re-purposing!

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